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munro trail
Munro Trail Lace up your shoes, load up your bike or rent a 4x4 and set your GPS for the Munro Trail. This rustic, 12.8-mile, one-lane dirt road features stunning views of the neighboring islands of Maui, Molokai, Kahoolawe, Hawaii's Big Island and Oahu. The trail, which can be biked, hiked or driven, takes you to the top of Lanaihale (House of Lanai), Lanai's highest peak at 3,370 feet.
Koloiki Ridge Trail One of the most famous hiking trails in Lanai, Koloiki Ridge is a five-mile trek that will make you feel as though you've traversed the whole of the island without killing your legs. It combines some of the most scenic portions of the Munro Trail, the climax of which is one of the most scenic views the island of Lanai has to offer. Two hours at a brisk pace, and four at a leisurely pace, this trail leads to a change of 165 feet in elevation and is moderate in difficulty.