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lanai ferry
Lanai Ferry Providing reliable ferry service between Maui’s Lahaina Harbor and the island of Lanai for fifteen years, this easy boat ride is usually much preferable to securing airfare between the two islands. More than just a transport service, the ferry provides spectacular views to rival almost any charter boat tour; on a clear day passengers can enjoy panoramic views of Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui, Molokai, and sometimes even the Big Island of Hawaii. During the winter months, you are sure to see humpback whales who travel around the islands to breed and birth their young every year.
Sea Turtle Hawaii
Snorkeling Beginners or enthusiasts looking to save a bit of money will enjoy Hulopoe Beach, where anyone can dip into the gentle waves and see numerous fish, the occasional sea turtle and manta rays. If you’re seeking a more remote or deeper water snorkeling experience, you might be interested in researching one of the many commercial services that offer snorkel gear and snorkel adventure tours.
Hawaii Fishing
Fishing Lanai is a popular destination for fishing with tourists and locals alike. Fishing villages on the southern shore of the island have existed for hundreds of years, flourishing on the bountiful harvest from the ocean. Shrines were erected to ply the gods and ensure a good catch. It is well known that King Kamehameha the Great favored the small village of Kaunolu, and it is this southern shore where many fish for large blue marlin. The gentle swell in Lanai creates waters that are typically calm and tranquil, ideal for sport fisherman seeking a big catch.