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Gardens & Farms The wild flora of Hawaii are beautifully cultivated in Oahu's many botanical gardens, lush valleys and historic plantations. Butterflies flit between the blooming hibiscus and hybrid orchids, while fruits and palms navigate amongst ferns and bamboo.
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Historical Sites & Museums Oahu is home to numerous memorials and rich Hawaiian history. 19th century coastal defenses, Polynesian culture, royal history and the many touch points of Pearl Harbor make a visit to this island meaningful and memorable for all.
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Parks Crave a respite from the bustle of downtown Waikiki, or the ocean's spray? Chill out at one of Oahu's family-friendly parks. Spread out a picnic, take a stroll, join a game of pick-up basketball or simply enjoy the sway of the palms.
Scenic Lookouts It's hard to find a place in Oahu that doesn't offer spectacular views, but some vantage points blow the rest away. Climb above sea level to spot distant isles, scan horizons of green and blue, and catch sight of migrating sea life.
Zoos & Aquariums The wilds of the Pacific ocean aren't the only place you can catch sight of marine life. Oahu is home to zoos, preserves and aquariums that rival those on the mainland, stocked with the expected stingrays, dolphins and sea lions, but also birds from around the globe and an impressive host of large African game, all housed in natural habitats.
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Beaches Meaning "spouting waters," Waikiki was once a playground for Hawaiian royalty. The beautiful white sand beaches along the coast provide numerous water activities for visitors.