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oahu waikiki catamaran
Beaches From white sands to tide pools, Guam's beaches offer plenty of fun in the sun.
oahu waikiki catamaran
Beaches Molokai is home to Hawaii's longest white sand beach. The uninterrupted 3-mile stretch offers places to frolic in the surf, picnic in the shade, and gaze across the water at sunset, facing Oahu's coastline.
Manele Bay
Beaches Lanai's golden sand beaches are flanked by movie-perfect palms and jet-black lava. The easy waters make relaxing and exploring here a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Spot spinner dolphins and sea turtles, or just enjoy the sunshine.
Gardens & Farms The wild flora of Hawaii are beautifully cultivated in Oahu's many botanical gardens, lush valleys and historic plantations. Butterflies flit between the blooming hibiscus and hybrid orchids, while fruits and palms navigate amongst ferns and bamboo.
Historical Sites & Museums Oahu is home to numerous memorials and rich Hawaiian history. 19th century coastal defenses, Polynesian culture, royal history and the many touch points of Pearl Harbor make a visit to this island meaningful and memorable for all.
Parks Crave a respite from the bustle of downtown Waikiki, or the ocean's spray? Chill out at one of Oahu's family-friendly parks. Spread out a picnic, take a stroll, join a game of pick-up basketball or simply enjoy the sway of the palms.
Scenic Lookouts It's hard to find a place in Oahu that doesn't offer spectacular views, but some vantage points blow the rest away. Climb above sea level to spot distant isles, scan horizons of green and blue, and catch sight of migrating sea life.
Zoos & Aquariums The wilds of the Pacific ocean aren't the only place you can catch sight of marine life. Oahu is home to zoos, preserves and aquariums that rival those on the mainland, stocked with the expected stingrays, dolphins and sea lions, but also birds from around the globe and an impressive host of large African game, all housed in natural habitats.
Golf Oahu is home to dozens of premier golf courses, several near Waikiki Beach. One of the most well known, Hawaii Prince Golf Club, showcases perfectly manicured greens, regal palm trees, and resort setting, and Royal Hawaiian, Kapolei Golf Club and Coral Creek all offer exceptional courses surrounded by amazing views of the mountains and ocean.
Historical Sites & Museums Discover Guam's rich multicultural history.
oahu waikiki catamaran
Beaches Meaning "spouting waters," Waikiki was once a playground for Hawaiian royalty. The beautiful white sand beaches along the coast provide numerous water activities for visitors.
Ocean Adventures Whether you're eager to frolic with hyper-colored schools of fish or take in 360-degree views of the Pacific ocean above water, Oahu's got you covered. Leisurely banana boat rides, catamaran sailing and swimming with dolphins are yours for the choosing.
Parks Lush greenery, entrancing seascapes & picturesque picnics await. The parks on Kauai can be both serene and activity-filled, with hiking and plum picking available in one park, shore fishing and ancient sea caves in another. If quiet is what you seek, relax in a grove of mangos and bird-watch.
Historical Sites & Museums A museum, a lighthouse, military fort ruins and a sleep little town: all offer peeks into Kauai's rich history. Learn about plant life, visit a sea bird sanctuary, view relics of a Russian design, or visit with locals at a ukelele concert.
Waterfalls & Caves "Fantasy Island" comes to life on Kauai, where the show's famous opening was filmed, and where you'll find hidden waterfalls, cascading streams and a certain exotic cave framed by rings of wild fern.
Gardens & Farms Kauai's rich history in plantations and farms delivers an eclectic mix of flora for island visitors to explore. Choose from learning about taro grown in lava rock terraces, self-guided tours of coffee estates, or a museum that takes you back to the heydays of a sugar plantation.
Scenic Lookouts From deep canyons and awe-inspiring mountain tops to the salty spray of the Pacific, Kauai's sight-seeing evokes both the Grand Canyon and the humpback whale. Visit Spouting Horn to catch the lava tubes, and Waimea Canyon for its stunning views at 3,600 feet.
lanai golf
Golf A rainbow awaits you when golfing in Lanai. The azure of the ocean laps against rust-colored cliffs, white sand fills every trap along the emerald-green grounds, and tropical flowers pop against the blackened lava. These world-class courses may be challenging, but few are as beautifully crafted.
munro trail
Hiking Throw on your hiking boots and trek up or across Hawaii's smallest inhabited island. The handful of trails available vary slightly in elevation, but most will bring you high enough to capture stunning views of neighboring islands.
lanai ferry
Ocean Adventures In the sea or at the shore, Lanai is a destination for snorkelers, anglers and landlubbers alike. A ferry ride, while functional, is also a great place to take in views of neighboring islands and, at the right time of year, humpback whales. Pack your reel and head for the calm waters where locals catch marlin, or dip a toe into the gentle waves to easily spot some colorful fish.
Sweetheart Rock
Scenic Lookouts Explore Lanai's best sights from its golden shores or its soaring heights. Volcanic rock shaped by the wind over thousands of years face the peaks that offers sweeping vistas of the neighboring isles.
Hiking Brave a switchback-laden trail etched into sheer cliffs overlooking the ocean, or see a Hawaii of the past on a hike through a valley believed to have been settled in 650 A.D. Molokai's trails will take you to remote villages, unspoiled terrains and cascading waterfalls that feel virtually untouched by the outside world.
Boating Molokai has some of the most beautiful natural wonder the Hawaiian islands have to offer. Visit the tallest sea cliffs in the world ā€“ ranging from 3,600 to 3,900 feet ā€“ on the northern coast of the island.
Parks Completely enveloped by water and containing a volcanic crater, lava tubes, a rain forest and baby monk seals, Kalaupapa is so much more than a park. Step foot into this distinct paradise and you'll also discover endangered plants, towering cliffs, and the Molokai Lighthouse.
Whale Watching Leaving the grey of winter behind and visiting Molokai in the spring will bring more than just sunshine to your day. Each year, thousands and thousands of whales migrate to the nearby waters to give birth, and Molokai is one of the best places one can choose to see the gentle giants off the coast.
Gardens & Farms Fish farming began more than 500 years ago on Molokai, when locals built ponds from boulders of lava and coral to contain their "crop." The amazing system is considered one of the greatest innovations in Hawaiian history.
Scenic Lookouts Take pleasure in the journey, not just the destination. While traveling across Molokai, you'll find plenty of reasons to stop and enjoy a longer look, whether it's gazing across the peninsula, snapping photos at a beach park, or catching a view of a historic rock formation.
Hiking There are over 80 different hiking trails on Oahu alone. Enjoy an early morning hike up the 760-foot crater at Diamond Head, an invigorating hike to the top of Kalahee Ridge, or a pleasant, leisurely stroll to Pele's Chair.
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Hiking Kauai can be a challenge for even the most tried and true hiker. Whether tackling the infamous Na Pali Coast on a 17-mile shoreline jaunt, or the "short" Heritage trail, you'll encounter natural wonders to make the effort worth it. Keep your camera handy for both the towering emerald pinnacles as well as the endangered Hawaiian monk seals.
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Golf Enjoy some of the world's best golf surrounded by expansive mountains, lush greenery and breathtaking ocean views. Lava rocks line the fairways of where even PGA legends are known to play. Choose from Kauai's ten courses, both affordable and resort, and soak in the salty air and mountainous backdrop.
Ocean Adventures Kauai's colorful coastline is arguably best seen from the water. Na Pali's towering cliffs drop thousands of feet straight into the ocean; a catamaran takes visitors to what would otherwise be an impossible viewpoint, and you'll catch grottoes and waterfalls as well.
oahu waikiki catamaran
Beaches Soak up the sun or splash in the surf at these popular spots. Kauai offers the best of both worlds, with family-friendly "pools" for children to play away the day, and straight-from-the-shore whale-watching and sea turtle spotting.