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Hotel Dining at Aqua Oasis

A Taste of Japan at World-Famous Kimukatsu
Kimukatsu Restaurant
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Daily 11:00- 12:00 AM

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Kimukatsu Waikiki

Located on the first floor of Aqua Oasis Kimukatsu is Hawaii’s only location of this famous Japan-based chain renowned for their tonkatsu, or Japanese-style pork cutlets. Here the tonkatsu is made with 25 thinly sliced layers of pork deep-fried at low heat using an exclusive technique that results in a crispy batter and a moist, tender interior.

Choose from a variety of tonkatsu flavors (black pepper, cheese, garlic, and original) to be paired with Kimukatsu’s signature katsu sauce. Rice is steamed to order, and you can opt for a Kimukatsu set that includes bottomless miso soup and shredded cabbage salad.

Kimukatsu is open until midnight, making it the perfect stop for late night dining in Waikiki.