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Grove Farm Homestead A sugar plantation homestead that can trace its roots back to the time of the American Civil War, this 100-acre homestead and museum offers a rare view of plantation-era life in Kauai. Founder George Wilcox transformed a once-struggling small farm carved out of a large grove of kukui trees into a successful sugar plantation.
kauai coffee
Kauai Coffee Company With roots that trace back to some of the earliest coffee cultivation in the state, the Kauai Coffee Company offers video viewings of their company history and production processes, but also offers a self-guided walking tour through the estate. Small signs and guideposts identify the many different varietals of coffee trees that grow on the estate, as well as the process that begins with a coffee cherry blossom, proceeds through wet-style processing and ends with coffee ready to be ground and served. Coffee tasting of all of the Kauai Coffee Company blends is available at the Visitor’s Center.
limahuli preserve
Limahuli Garden and Preserve Nestled in a lush tropical valley on the northern shore of Kauai, the Limahuli Garden and Preserve is one of several gardens that form the National Tropical Botanical Gardens. Situated between the Pacific and Makana Mountain, Limahuli means “turning hands” in the Hawaiian language, referencing the native Hawaiians who built agricultural terraces out of lava rock on lower slopes of Mt. Makana, cultivating taro, a staple crop and a cornerstone of the diet of native Hawaiians from ancient times to the present day.