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Enjoy Costa Rica Eco Tours and Excursions

Enhance your visit to Costa Rica with any of our multiple excursions around the Osa Peninsula. Book online now or call our 24 hour central reservation office at 1.855.945.4162 for immediate service.

Photography Workshops

Photographer Matt Kozlowski can help you capture the natural beauty of Costa Rica’s lush landscapes in this 5-day intensive workshop of wildlife photography.

Zip Line Canopy Tours

See all the action in the rainforest canopy from the Miramar Canopy Zipline overlooking 17-acres of virgin forest near Golfo Dulce.

Finca Kobo Chocolate Farm Tour

Enjoy this tour showing both traditional and experimental cacao farming techniques. With trees fruiting year round, the plantation is home to diverse wildlife including toucans and white-faced monkeys. Closed toe shoes are required.

Osa Wildlife Sanctuary – by Boat

Explore the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary and enjoy an opporunity to see and even interact with rainforest animals including sloths, monkeys and tropical  birds. The sanctuary works to rehabilitate injured and illegally captured wildlife. Your visit helps to fund these important efforts to protect these species.

Cross Country Biking

Bike trails let you see the terrain at your own pace, traveling along country roads and trails past orchards and through the rolling hills of the Osa Peninsula. More experienced riders will find the steeper terrain challenging but rewarding with commanding ocean views and up-close encounters with exotic wildlife.

The Casa Orquideas Botanical Garden by Boat

Float across the Golfo Dulce one morning to see the beautiful Casa Orquideas Botanical Garden, a family-owned garden with a large collection of tropical orchids, ginger, vanilla, cocoa and stunning tropical flowers.

Jungle Night Hike

The night-time sounds of a tropical rainforest are decoded with the help of our knowledgeable guides. See the many nocturnal visitors including red-eyed tree frogs, night birds, snakes and exotic insects. Tours start at 7:30 pm. Flashlights are provided.

Bird Watching - In Depth

This 2 1/2 day bird watching package gives you enough time to become familiar with the many varied eco-systems found on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. See the native birds of the coastal rainforests, tropical orchards, mangrove estuaries and pastureland. This package can be customized to meet your interests and to accommodate different levels of physical exertion.

Bird Watching Introduction

The area surrounding the Crocodile Bay Resort features the mos colorful birdwatching in all of Costa Rica. See many of the 854 species of birds populating the region.

Reptile & Amphibian Tour

Get to know the cold-blooded inhabitants of Costa Rica on this tour, including the famous pit vipers, the Fer-de-Lance Viper and the Eye Lash Viper.

Gold Panning

Step back in time to the days when panning for gold led prospectors to Costa Rica’s Rich Coast. Try your hand at panning for gold, and if you are lucky or skilled you’ll head home with real gold flakes.

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