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fern grotto
Fern Grotto A natural amphitheater of Hawaiian lava rock, Fern Grotto is a wild-looking lava cave ringed by wild growing ferns on the upper banks of the Wailua River on the eastern side of Kauai. The only way to reach this beautifully exotic location is by way of the Wailua River, the only navigable river in Hawaii. The place is a great spot for photographers, as the romantic environment provides gorgeous views of the Wailua River, the riverbank and the formidable Mt. Waialeale, its peaks often shrouded by soft, white clouds.
opaekaa falls
Opaekaa Falls Cascading down into a hidden pool, this is one of the island's most accessible, major waterfalls. "Opaekaa" means "rolling shrimp," which were once abundant in the stream. Climb uphill from the Opaekaa lookout and across the road for great views of the Wailua River valley and interior plains beyond.
Wailua waterfall
Wailua Falls Just north of Lihue, at the south end of the Wailua River, Wailua Falls cascades into two streams, dropping 80-feet below. Like other spectacular spots on Kauai, Wailua is a popular filming location, and is most recognized in the opening credits of the long-running television show "Fantasy Island."