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Honolulu Zoo Close in proximity to Waikiki Beach and the famous Diamond Head Crater, the Honolulu Zoo offers to add a bit of jungle safari to your tropical vacation. An impressive collection of birds from around the world is matched only by the beauty and majesty of many animals from the African savannah. With its roots stretching as far back as 1876, what began as a three hundred-acre park has since expanded to a modern zoological wonder on fourteen acres with enclosures mimicking natural animal habitats, much like the world-famous San Diego Zoo.
Waikiki Aquarium The Waikiki Aquarium is home to almost 500 species of marine plants and animals. Indoor exhibits include large, beautiful tanks that provide homes to reef sharks, an exhibit celebrating aquatic animals that utilize jet propulsion, including nautilus, octopi and squid, and many others. Jellyfish, shallow and deep coral reef exhibits and more are all on display for your education and entertainment.
sealife park
Sea Life Park Hawaii Located just north of the Hanauma Bay Natural Preserve, Sea Life Park integrates lagoons, pools, reefs, and theaters. The main attraction is the rare opportunity to swim alongside and even touch dolphins under the watchful eye of experienced dolphin trainers. In addition to this is a fully operating ocean park, providing dolphin and sea lion shows, a reef tank that is home to reef sharks, stingrays and tropical fish. An environment unto itself, the aquarium holds 300,000 gallons of water. Sea lion feedings and an introduction to penguins are just a few more activities that can be enjoyed.